Dual Cettified Management Trainee Program

We provide internet marketing training that will help you to earn more money 

online through blogging.  We provide audios, blogs and internet marketing training 

courses that provide you with a wealth of tips and techniques to really make a 

difference in your internet marketing plans and strategy.

It takes to be a success on the internet. You can also visit our blog for some 

free advice and tips. The blog is updated a couple of times per week with some 

really useful internet marketing articles and tips.

Accelerate your business growth or start your self earning via  by signing up for 

our 3 months program !!!!

Enroll Yourself for Management Trainee Program and get Dual Certification . One 

from Asia's Best SEO and KPO firm " AeroSoftCorp" as "Certified Blogger cum 

Webmaster" and other from Petals Publishers as " Certified In Creative Writing " .

 Course Outline 

Course Duration:  2- 3 months 

Course Type : Online 

Batches: Weekdays  ( Tue - Fri )

Course Fee:  USD $ 50 [ INR 3000 ]

Length of course: Weekdays batch 8 - 12  weeks

Curriculum: Includes all the components of Internet Marketing-

Search engine optimization,

Social media marketing,

Search engine marketing,

Online Advertising,

Email marketing,

Affiliate marketing,

Referral Marketing,

Adsense & Blogging,

Blog Development,

Article writing,


Banner ADs, 

Shopping (Comparision) Sites inclusion,

Viral Marketing.

Internet marketing is marketing of brands, products and services on internet. 

There are three things about Internet Marketing that are very attractive.

It is big, interesting & performance oriented.

It has the biggest reach

It is both present and the future

Every medium of marketing on internet, every technique to bring people on to a 

website and every mode of advertising is part of Internet Marketing which is also 

known as online marketing, digital marketing & e-marketing. 

Internet marketing includes-

Search engine optimization- It is done to drive more targeted traffic from search 

engines like google & yahoo.

Social Media Marketing- We all love facebook, right? So why not get some business 

out of it. Social media marketing is about how to create brand awareness on 

internet using all social platforms.

Email Marketing- The best way to follow up with your previously generated leads 

and customers to drive more sales.

Affiliate marketing- Help companies selling their products and earn money.

Online Advertising- How can one forget advertising in marketing.

Search Engine Marketing- Promoting a website in search engines with help of 

contextual advertising.

Adsense & Blogging- Provide people with something useful to read and make money 

out of it.

Internet Marketing is the only platform where you can accurately check the 

performance of your advertising campaign. Also a small company from India can 

easily target its potential customers in US with minimum cost. 

This is the main reason that every organization these days are hiring internet 

marketing professionals to handle their brand, product or services marketing on 


Under our Internet Marketing course all the streams that together form internet 

marketing are covered.

Benefits of Enrollment

1. Dual Certification from  AeroSoft Corp Certified Internet Marketing 

professional & Petal Publishers as " Certified Creative Writer " . 

2. An Opportunity to Work On Live Porjects with the Companies.

3. Get Your Blogs published by your name on the company's official sites and get 

recognition around the World.

Contact : 

Surbhi Maheshwari
Manager Finance
AeroSoft Corp

Arpita Ghosh
Petals Publishers
+ 91 82378 05727